RushCo Maintenance Agreement

RushCo’s Maintenance Agreement guarantees your comfort by performing a “precision tune-up” twice a year on your unit(s).

Discount Maintenance Club

RushCo’s provide a Discount Maintenance Club with good benefits by being part of the Maintenance Agreement.  You get professional cleaning and preventative troubleshooting that ensures a quality system as well as prolonging the life of the equipment:

Benefits from Preventative Maintenance Club:

• 15% Discount on Repairs
• Priority Customer Response
• Lower Utility Bills
• Extended Equipment Life
• Fewer /Less Expensive Repairs
• Improved Capacity
• Inflation Protection
• Agreement is Transferable
• 24-Hr. Emergency Service
• Never an Overtime Charge

What we do on each visit?

• Clean and Adjust Burner Assembly
• Clean Ignition Assembly
• Clean Heat Exchanger or Elements
• Monitor Flue Draft
• Monitor Refrigerant Pressure
• Test Starting Capabilities
• Test Safety Controls
• Clean or Replace Air Filters
• Clean and Adjust Blower Components
• Measure for Correct Air Flow
• Tighten Electrical Connections
• Measure Volts/Amps on Motors
• Lubricate all Moving Parts
• Adjust Thermostat Calibration
• Clean Condenser Coil
• Clean Condensate Drains
• Measure Temperature Difference
• Apply Protective Coating to Outside Unit

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