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Extreme weather throughout the year makes temperature control in Hurst, TX and the surrounding area a constant challenge. As proven problem solvers and HVAC experts, RushCo Energy Specialists, Inc. provides homeowners streamlined and cost-effective heating and cooling options. Let us introduce you to the many benefits and opportunities of ductless HVAC. Compact, lightweight equipment and extensive line lengths offer tremendous flexibility in location, making mini-split systems ideal for nearly any application. Whether you’ve got a tight installation space, renovation project, new construction build, retrofit requirement, or one room or the whole home in need of comfort improvement, RushCo Energy Specialists, Inc. has the ideal system for you.

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RushCo Energy Specialists, Inc. typically completes the start-to-finish installation in a single visit. With ductless heating and cooling, there’s no need to tear into walls or create a big mess. Through the outstanding efficiency of inverter technology, programmable operation, enhanced humidity control, advanced air filtration, remote access, and combined heating/cooling capacity, we put precision adjustment at your fingertips. These innovative air conditioners and heat pumps automatically cater output to the exact needs of the space, maintaining consistent comfort, no matter what the weather brings.

For all your ductless split system repairs, maintenance & installations, call on RushCo Energy Specialists, Inc.!

At RushCo Energy Specialists, Inc., we specialize in delivering customized, creative, and effective resolution to even the most complex demands. A family owned and operated HVAC company, we take pride in simplifying temperature control and optimize the comfort, health, and efficiency of homes across Hurst, Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, Bedford, Euless, Colleyville, and Grapevine, TX. Contact us at (817) 267-5155 for flat rate pricing, installation, repair, and maintenance of all makes and models of ductless equipment. And if you do need a more traditional air conditioner, we got you covered with central AC installation and repair.

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