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RushCo Energy Specialists can provide almost any type of HVAC service.

Rushco holds an “A” type license in Texas, which allows us to work on nearly all HVAC equipment. Also, we have two dedicated crews of trained field technicians which allows us to tackle many different types of issues.

One example of work we have done and are prepared to offer our clients includes equipment change-outs. This might be a “like for like” changeout, but some jobs require a slight or even major change in the equipment or how it is installed. We are a Dunham Bush factory representative, but have access to and have installed most OEM’s equipment. We install water- and air-cooled chillers, cooling towers, air handling units, pumps, and boilers.

Two new and growing markets for RushCo are compressed air applications and air movement solutions. We have recently hired a compressed air expert and a fan/blower professional, and are rapidly expanding into these lines of work. We recently replaced our first industrial air compressor which led to a survey of the customer’s site, resulting in significant improvements in their compressed air system.

RushCo is located in the heart of the DFW metroplex, with a large yard for equipment storage and a large enclosed shop where we fabricate items such as custom made air handlers. The shop is large enough for us to make repairs and upgrades to our sister company RES rental fleet  of chillers and pumps, and receive and check out customer’s equipment before we truck it to the jobsite for delivery.

RushCo services and troubleshoots all brands and all types of equipment found in the commercial and industrial sectors. We are thoroughly trained, hire and keep the best staff available in the field and the office, and are recognized as hard working problem solvers.

So we work on all types of equipment, where do we ply our trade? We work in commercial high rises, government buildings, airports, manufacturing plants, food processing plants, and schools. We are adaptable to different working environments, have one of the highest safety records possible, and only bring the best HVAC technicians to your facility.

If it moves water or air, and you count on it to be as dependable and hard-working as you, we hope to hear from you.




10765 Tube Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76053

Serving North Texas Since 1984
License #TACLA 009353

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